About Therapy

Therapy is not an event. It is a process, a journey with a beginning, middle and end.

The Beginning: During our initial sessions we will identify your goals. We will explore your current circumstances, your history, who are the important people in your life, what is contributing to how you are feeling and functioning now and…. what you want to be different when we have completed our time together.

The Middle: This is when the work gets deep, when you may be tempted to withdraw from therapy. You may even feel a bit worse during this phase of therapy. This is when change happens, when we learn to let go, forgive ourselves and others and embrace what is and what is possible. It is a time we learn to leave behind thoughts and habits that are not useful and begin to believe we can influence our world.

The End: This is the time we consolidate what we have discovered and learned on the journey. A time of increased confidence and peace, a learned or renewed sense of trust in ourselves that we have the capacity to navigate life’s hills and valleys. A time to take what we have discovered and practice it in our lives and relationships. I describe psychotherapy as: opening your closet, pulling out the skeletons, dusting them off, polishing them up, making friends with them then putting them back in the closet. This is your journey. Whether you want to make friends with the skeletons or simply learn to live differently knowing they are there, I am in this with you to navigate the road ahead.